Four Noble Truths; The Buddha's Basic Prescription for Happiness

20 Feb 2016 9:16 PM | Lama Christopher Coriat (Administrator)

For the four Sundays in late February and early March, Lama Christopher and Lama Daniela guide us in exploring the fundamental premises of this ancient wisdom tradition. Melding both conventional interpretation and the direct experiential findings of the yogic practice lineage, these teachings open us to a positive, uplifiting and ultimately freeing realization of life just as it is.

The series started with the first of the Buddha's basic teachings: "Facts about Dissatisfaction: Embracing the Mystery". Frequently - and mistakenly - rendered as "Life is Suffering", this principle introduced us to the vast potential of our shared human condition, and surprisingly revealed the inherent possibility of transcendence. 

The second basic teaching, "Facts about Craving: Not Getting Hooked", explored how we become trapped by the mind's tendency to grasp at experiences, and get mired in unsatisfying patterns of reactivity.

Then the good news: "The End of Confusion: Beholding Liberation". The third basic teaching introduces us to not just the possibility, but the actuality of freedom. This is a direct, experiential glimpse of the deathless peace inherent in our fundamental nature.

Join us for this extraordinary exploration of the ground of being - and of the path to freedom.

Sunday, March 6th in Laguna Beach: The End of Confusion